Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gary L. Bracewell

We have TWO independant BRACEWELL lines from Colne, Lancashire, ENGLAND which match the DNA of REVEREND ROBERT BRACEWELL's descendants. This is confirmation that our Bracewell Haplotype is accurate, thus dispelling any notions that some other test group is the "real" haplotype.

JOHN BRACEWELL (1778-1845) is believed to be buried in BRACEWELL VILLAGE, ENGLAND.

Joseph Bracewell
1751- (England)
John Bracewell 1778-1845 (England)
Hartley Bracewell 1822-1905 (England to Iowa)
Broughton Bracewell 1845-1919 (England to Iowa)
John Hartley Bracewell 1870-1933
Pearl Hartley Bracewell 1892-1973
Garland F. Bracewell 1913-1968

Alex Gordon Bracewell

Alex G. Bracewell of British Columbia is an exact match to Gary L. Bracewell who descends from an independent Bracewell line from England.

Henry Bracewell  1771-1851+  (England)
Watson Bracewell 1816-1880  (England)
Walter Bracewell 1855-1891+  (England)
Walter Norman Bracewell 1885-1942 (England to Canada)
Alfred Bracewell 1924-2007 (Ontario)