Saturday, September 11, 2010

Edward Mixon Braswell

This FTDNA customer matched 11/12 on the 1st 12 marks therefore did not qualify for the Western Atlantic Modal Haplotype Badge.  However, he matches the Bracewell Haplotype 34/37.

Rev Robert Bracewell 1611-1668
Richard Braswell I 1652-1725
William Braswell I 1676-1721 (Chowan, NC)
William Braswell II 1696-1785
David Braswell 1738-1782 (Nancy Rutherford)
William Braswell 1763-1816
Arthur Braswell 1800-1860+ *
Asa G. Braswell
Timothy J. Braswell
Henry G. Braswell


There is an Arthur & Allen Braswell (William and Susan had sons named Arthur & Allen) on the 1830 Pickens County South Carolina census. Also there is a Henry Tidmore on the estate records of William Braswell in Newberry Co., SC and a Henry Tidmore who married Nancy Looper moved from Newberry County to Pickens County and is on the same page with Arthur Braswell who was married to Ruth Looper.

Arthur Braswell & Henry Tidmore in South Carolina