Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kevin Alton Carver

This FTDNA customer matched 11/12 on the 1st 12 marks therefore did not qualify for the Western Atlantic Modal Haplotype Badge.  However, he matches the Bracewell Haplotype 36/37.

Rev Robert Bracewell 1611-1668 VA
Richard Braswell I 1652-1725 VA
Richard Braswell II 1672-1758 NC (Ann Carver)
William Sr Braswell-Carver 1725-1769 NC
Sampson Carver 1752-1838 GA
Jesse Carver 1786-1866 GA
James Carver 1814-1882 GA
Joseph Carver 1847-1916 GA
Daniel Carver 1876-1957 GA
Ira Carver
Alton Carver